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WebConnect has launched and is officially open to all collaborators. To visit it please click here. 
(WebConnect and the current CDCB queries will be running in parallel until August 1, 2022)

Animal Queries

Access the CDCB genetic and genomic evaluation results for individual animals.

Evaluation Summaries

Have a quick glance of the overall results from the latest CDCB official evaluations.

Trends & Statistics

Learn about the great genetic progress made by U.S. dairy breeds

Net Merit Revised

Discover changes to Net Merit, the national selection index, in August 2021      

CDCB Connection

Read what is going on month by month in CDCB Connection.


Understand methods and practices applied by the CDCB.

What Changed in April?”

Several important updates were implemented for the April 5, 2022, U.S. genetic evaluations.    

New WebConnect

The new WebConnect provides the animal data, queries, statistics, trends and files.