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 July 15, 2016 revision
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Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding Services

Genetic evaluations || Data exchange || Documentation

Genetic evaluations (PTA)

Genetic evaluations are calculated 3 times per year for dairy cattle (April, August, and December). Evaluations for dairy goats are calculated semiannually for yield (July and November) and annually for type (November). Evaluations are available in ASCII format files, which may be downloaded, or through a public online query system. Summary reports are also updated triannually.

Dairy Herd Information (DHI) reports and letters

  • Annual reports
  • Select DHI letters
  • Other reports

    Data exchange

    Data exchange includes file format descriptions, instructions for use, schedules/deadlines, and animal identification information. An online query system is available to support data checking and to provide required animal information to industry cooperators (access requires industry log-in).


    Documentation of the evaluation system for each trait is available. Changes to the system are also documented. Links to additional information sources are provided.

  • Last Modified: 01/12/2017