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Annual Dairy Herd Information (DHI) reports released by CDCB

Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) Letters

  • DHI Letter listing (reports from the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory and its predecessors, 1927–81)

Other DHI reports

  • Calculating Lactation Records (Fact Sheet G-1)
  • Standardization of Lactation Records (Fact Sheet G-2)
  • USDA-DHIA Animal Model Genetic Evaluations (Fact Sheet H-2)
  • USDA-DHIA Factors for Standardizing 305-Day Lactation Records for Age and Month of Calving, ARS-NE-40. 1974. [introductory material for historical reference]
  • The USDA-DHIA Modified Contemporary Comparison Sire Summary and Cow Index Procedures, USDA Production Research Report No. 165. 1976. [historical reference]

  • Last Modified: 02/10/2017