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Evaluation Results

Evaluation Results section contains links to both male and female results (and resources) for the most current tri-annual evaluation.

Users looking for evaluation files, should go to Evaluation Files section. Similarly, users interested in general summaries for the most recent evaluation distributed by the CDCB should go to the Evaluation summaries section. In addition, general statistics and trends of the evaluations run by CDCB are available at the Trend & Stats section. Finally, users interested in the phenotypic data collected by DHIA and received by CDCB in order to obtain all the above evaluations, should visit the National Performance Metrics section.

Male population



Access to tri-annual public files PASSWORD

Complete sire list sorted by breed and ID number

Top sires and available sires sorted by NM$, CM$, FM$ by breed

Young Bull lists: Active AI, foreign available and genomically tested

Sire Conception Rate (SCR) evaluations

Sires AI status (explanation of status codes) – Please access the file aistatus.txt from our public FTP.

Interbull conversion equations

Female population



Elite cows for NM$ sorted by breed and herd code

High-ranking grade cows for NM$ sorted by breed and herd code

Elite heifers for NM$

High-ranking grade heifers for NM$